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Tower Garden

The Tower Garden has been an integral part of our health, using it year-round both indoors & out to grow a variety of products ranging from lettuces, herbs, kale, swiss chard, spinach in the cooler months to tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini & eggplants in the warmer months. Not only has it been beneficial in improving our eating habits, it has been a great learning tool for the boys. It has allowed us the opportunity to teach them where food comes from, how it is grown, and the importance of proper nutrition.

By providing vine-ripened produce right outside your back door (or basement!), Tower Garden makes it convenient to eat more fresh, healthy foods. You can grow up to 20 plants with a standard Tower Garden, giving you the opportunity to grow anything that is not a root vegetable or a tree!

Through the Tower Garden community & working with our community partner Kitchener Kia, we have managed to get 9 Towers into schools in our area. Once in the schools, teachers of all grade levels are then able to use the Towers as a teaching tool not only for proper nutrition but they also have access to 10 different lesson plans that assist them in teaching a variety of topics from the basics to photosynthesis, chemistry and beyond all touching on STEM!

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For more information and pricing, please feel free to contact Kelly to ensure that you are receiving the proper Tower Garden for your families needs!

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