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Why do people go out and look for supplements?

  • Food quality is decreasing
    • We are living in a world where the crops are not being rotated and the nutrients in the plants are only as good as the nutrients in the soil we grow them in!
  • Processed Foods
    • We live a fast-paced life where both parents are working long hours, running to dance, baseball and all kinds of activities and we typically rely on quick packaged foods to get us through the day. This leaves a gap in our nutrition and what our bodies are receiving so often people go looking for supplements.
  • Can’t get the 9-13 servings
    • With our food quality decreasing over the years, the fruit and veggie requirement has gone up from 5-7 to now 9-13 servings/day. Each serving is the size of your fist and that can be hard to get throughout the day, especially when on the go! Finding a good supplement to help bridge that gap between what we should be eating and what we do eat is important for overall health.

When my family was struggling with being sick all the time, and I was struggling with my thyroid I went looking for something to help support us nutritionally. As a mom it was important for me to find something that I knew was safe for us all and I wouldn’t be running to the hospital with my boys if they ate too many! Looking at Juice Plus to be our nutritional supplement, it just made sense. It is nothing but non-GMO fruits & veggies to nutritionally support my family’s health and because it is just food, it has all of the phytonutrients in it that the vitamins and minerals need to work synergistically within the body to provide the best support to our systems.

Adding Juice Plus+ whole food concentrates to our daily routine has been the catalyst for us for better health. It has kept my boys from missing too many days of school, helped my son with his ADHD, and the nutritional support, along with a few other changes, has helped me better manage my thyroid and avoid medications thus far. 

Do not just take my word for it. For those of you that need the research, there is GOLD standard research backing up the claims made by Juice Plus+, in over 35 published research studies available for you to check out for yourself.

The company is extremely transparent and open about their processing and ingredients. Ask me if you want to know more?

Order your monthly supplies here… when they begin to work for you… become part of the team and spread the positive healthy message of how wonderful and amazing these nutritional products are.

Getting healthier from the inside out!!

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